The Unpublished Book

Welcome to the inaugural Mike Seminary and Friends podcast. In this episode you’ll hear how this all began and learn a little about me. After this, it’s all about my friends – old and new. We’ll dive into their dreams, how they followed them and how they are making a difference. And maybe, they’ll inspire you to follow your dreams as well.

Episode 1 | Recorded January 25, 2021

6 Replies to “The Unpublished Book”

  1. Shane Balkowitsch

    It is an honor to be able to listen to your first podcast on this first day. I am sure others will listen to this later, but I was here today. Thank you always for being an inspiration. I really enjoyed this start, an important start.

  2. Sarah Sieh

    Judith is a gift from God. She has found out the “why” to her “why do I have this disease?” She needed to experience it in order to help all those who’s lives she has help!! God bless you Judith!💖

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