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  • Photo of podcast guest Anna LurexPhoto of podcast guest Anna Lurex

    Lithium Part 1

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreAnna found her gift of writing during COVID and has already written four books. She is using her gift to fight the stigma around mental illness.

  • Photo of podcast guests Andrea and David PeetPhoto of podcast guests Andrea and David Peet

    Hope Fights Back

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreAndrea and David are back to talk about Andrea’s journey in finishing 50 marathons while battling ALS, her new book, movie and more. 

  • Photo of podcast guest Rod MarchandPhoto of podcast guest Rod Marchand

    The Honest Reality of Entrepreneurship

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreRod and his wife took over the family business at a very young age. They have experienced the frustrations of business ownership, yet have diversified into several […]

  • Photo of podcast guest David BaillyPhoto of podcast guest David Bailly

    America Going…

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDavid has written a couple books and has a couple in the works. He has some very strong opinions on where America is going and what we […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Mauri RenePhoto of podcast guest Mauri Rene

    Making God Number One

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMauri went from healthy, wealthy and married to divorced, broke and almost dead. Hear how she learned to make God a priority and helps others have a […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Steve RevlandPhoto of podcast guest Steve Revland

    Simply Revland

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreSteve Revland graduated high school because they didn’t want him back. Now he is a renowned artist and an author who has sold over 15,000 books. Listen […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Dr. Corinne DevinPhoto of podcast guest Dr. Corinne Devin

    Naval Commander, Beauty Queen & Orthodontist

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreWhen a teacher told Corinne she should just get married instead of pursue a career, it jump-started her on a path to the military AND becoming an […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Gary SzenderskiPhoto of podcast guest Gary Szenderski

    Szen Zone

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreGary’s path to becoming an author began with him wanting to share pieces of information and send encouraging notes to his staff and clients. They began asking […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Heather HakesPhoto of podcast guest Heather Hakes

    Mindset Coach, Author and Podcaster

    Subscribe: RSS | More

  • Photo of podcast guest Matt ValanPhoto of podcast guest Matt Valan

    Pastor & Author

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMatt recently wrote a book about his sisters’ secrets. Be prepared for some heavy discussion on mental health and family dynamics.