• Photo of podcast guest Greg Lardy

    Come to Him in the Silence

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreGreg has authored a powerful devotional based on his desire to deepen his relationship with God.

  • Photo of podcast guest Ryan Randall

    From North Dakota to Brazil

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreRyan is an entrepreneur from North Dakota, currently living in Brazil. We talk about his background, business interests and the non profit he co-founded with his brother.

  • Photo of podcast guests Dave and Alissa Leedahl

    Do you ever feel empty?

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThe Leedahls lead a rapidly growing congregation, at Northview Church in Fargo, with servant hearts.

  • Podcast guests Ron Faleide, David Grosz, and Michael Joyal

    Reminiscing and Catching Up

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreI had a blast catching up with my old band mates, David Grosz, Ron Faleide and Michael Joyal.

  • Photo of podcast guest Cole Wisniewski

    The Young Man from Sparta

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreCole Wisniewski has a lot of titles – Christian, Husband, Student Athlete, Risk Advisor, All American – and he honors all of them with integrity, grace and […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Dave Anderson

    Downtown Dave

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDave Anderson helped revitalize downtown Fargo into the vibrant, happening place it is today.

  • Photo of podcast guest Dr. William Wilson

    Agriculture and Dealing with Disruption

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDr. Wilson offers his insight and expertise on the amazing advances in agriculture, and how it’s adjusting with global tensions.

  • Photo of podcast guest Cam Knutson

    Knutson Development

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreCam puts a lot of thought into what people will want in their neighborhoods. Hear how even technology is making an impact on those decisions.

  • TGIF for Men

    TGIF for Men

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreOs offers daily devotions and also has a treasure trove of information for people wanting to become a mentor, or those just looking for a better faith […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Chris Ayoub

    The Religion Business

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreChris and his partner Nathan are working to develop solutions to major issues so they can leave a better world for their children. Watch for their docuseries […]