• Hockey, It Runs in the Family

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreHow does someone who has traveled the world playing hockey end up as a hockey coach in Bismarck, North Dakota? Hear Mario’s journey and also some great […]

  • Cowboy, Author, Renaissance Man, Beer Drinker and Dancer

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreYou’ll be able to tell that Mike Thompson gets a lot of enjoyment out of life. He served his country for 42 years in various branches of […]

  • Business owner, philanthropist and all-in community builder

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreJohn Stern learned how to sell clothing and the importance of investing in your community from his grandfather and father. Helping others became a family tradition.

  • Learning starts when you’re in it

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreRebecca is working to transform and grow not only her small town of Oakes, North Dakota, but the region surrounding it. Leading by example, she has purchased […]

  • Small town boy with major league vision

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreOnce he decided the implement business wasn’t in his future, Eric Hardmeyer found that the banking business was. Working his way up at the Bank of North […]

  • Entrepreneur, Connector and All-in Community Leader

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreLike a lot of people, Jonathan Holth worked in the restaurant industry growing up. Unlike a lot of people he then decided to start a restaurant, which […]

  • Shadowcatcher

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMy friend Shane Balkowitsch was searching for his place in the universe. He has found it, and more. This oncology nurse turned successful business owner has become […]

  • Journalist, Reporter and Award-Winning Author

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreNot a fan of baseball? That’s ok. Larry Tye’s book on Satchel Paige is about way more than baseball and he has some great stories to tell. […]

  • Driven to Serve Others

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreI wrap up my focus on female business owners with Former North Dakota Department of Commerce Commissioner, Michelle Kommer. She joins me this week to talk about […]

  • CEO, President, Servant’s Heart and Iconoclast

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreWhen Nicole’s boss asked if she wanted to buy the business, she took out a second mortgage to do so, and told her husband about it later. […]