• Photo of podcast guest Anna LurexPhoto of podcast guest Anna Lurex

    Lithium Part 1

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreAnna found her gift of writing during COVID and has already written four books. She is using her gift to fight the stigma around mental illness.

  • Photo of podcast guests Mike Little and Wil DortPhoto of podcast guests Mike Little and Wil Dort

    No Inmate Walks Alone

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMike and Wil shared their stories of how Jesus has made a difference in their lives. Jail Chaplains provides a safe place for people to build healthy […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Nicolai LundPhoto of podcast guest Nicolai Lund


    Subscribe: RSS | MoreNicolai and his family have merged their Ecuadorian and Danish heritages to create a beautiful, cozy business that invites others to slow down and experience life with those […]

  • Photo of podcast guests Andrea and David PeetPhoto of podcast guests Andrea and David Peet

    Hope Fights Back

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreAndrea and David are back to talk about Andrea’s journey in finishing 50 marathons while battling ALS, her new book, movie and more. 

  • Photo of podcast guest Rod MarchandPhoto of podcast guest Rod Marchand

    The Honest Reality of Entrepreneurship

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreRod and his wife took over the family business at a very young age. They have experienced the frustrations of business ownership, yet have diversified into several […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Bruce GjovigPhoto of podcast guest Bruce Gjovig

    North Dakota Innovators and Entrepreneurs

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreBruce founded the Center for Innovation in 1984 and under his leadership it became one of the premier venture development organizations in the world. He has many […]

  • Photo of podcast guests Dr. Fitzgerald and President McDonaldPhoto of podcast guests Dr. Fitzgerald and President McDonald

    Game Changing Opportunity

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDr. Fitzgerald and President McDonald join me to talk about the collaborative FARMS partnership and the proposal that recently became a finalist for a National Science Foundation […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Wade DavisonPhoto of podcast guest Wade Davison

    His Last Shift

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreWade has written a wonderful book about his brother’s journey from hockey greatness to dealing with a death sentence. This book is for everyone, full of wonderful […]

  • Smile Project Louisville

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMichael makes it his purpose to share a smile with a stranger – spreading love, joy and kindness while he does it. He believes everyone has something […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Dillon SpurlinPhoto of podcast guest Dillon Spurlin

    Jersey Boys

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDillon has always followed his passions and so far it has worked out well for him. From playing Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys to busking in Arizona, […]