• Photo of podcast guest Claus Lembke

    Koming to Amerika, An Immigrant’s Story

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreWhen he was growing up in Germany, Claus Lembke wanted to be a farmer, a poet and an author. He has reached one of those goals, writing […]

  • Photo of podcast guests Steven and Jane Conlin

    Learn to Learn

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreGrowing up with dyslexia, Jane knew the struggles of learning to read. When their daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia in first grade, the Conlins searched for solutions […]

  • photo of Arnie and Sigrid Strebe

    New Year Resolutions

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreYou will love this couple! Arnie and Sigrid talk about health struggles, marathons, supporting each other, running a business and more. They’ll even give you tips for […]

  • Photo of podcast guest James Ford

    Lifelong Friend and Renaissance Man

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMy friend James and I reminisce about our musical ‘abilities’ and you’ll hear about some of the cool things he’s done since leaving Fargo.  

  • Photo of podcast guest David Hanson

    Creative Genius

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDavid Hanson has used his artistic gifts in many ways – creating music, photography and more. Hear how he has worked with some of the biggest names […]

  • Photo of Gerald W. VandeWalle

    Chief Justice, North Dakota Supreme Court

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMy friend Gerald VandeWalle has been in the North Dakota Supreme Court for over 40 years and he served as the Chief Justice for 26 of those. 

  • Photo of podcast guest Bill Marcil, Jr.

    President, CEO, Publisher

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreForum Communications is a multi-media company that started as one newspaper in Fargo, ND. Bill Marcil Jr., 5th generation owner, talks about the incredible changes he has […]

  • Photo of Josh Teigen and Tim Hanson

    Mind Shift

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreYou will love this story of how a father, who desperately wanted his autistic son to live a ‘normal’ life, started a non-profit that helps employ hundreds […]

  • Photo of Than Baardson

    From Fighting Fires to Addressing Human Trafficking

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThan Baardson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Unseen, a nonprofit that accelerates the fight against human trafficking and its root causes. It’s not a pretty topic, […]

  • Adventure Seeker and TV Broadcasting Legend

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThis week you’ll hear how Cliff Naylor worked his way into telling stories about some of the coolest places in North Dakota.