• Photo of podcast guest Micah TysverPhoto of podcast guest Micah Tysver

    Crushing It

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreIt all started when Micah interned at a sand and gravel operation in college. His passion for the industry grew, and he is now on the equipment […]

  • Photo of podcast guests Stephen and Elizabeth WamplerPhoto of podcast guests Stephen and Elizabeth Wampler

    The Wampler Way

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreStephen may have been born with cerebral palsy (CP) but he does not let it define him. From becoming the first person with CP to ascend El […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Megal LangleyPhoto of podcast guest Megal Langley

    Strengthen ND

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThrough Strengthen ND, Megan and her team are helping rural communities solve their problems; working to support local small businesses, bring people together, and create a better […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Chris JonesPhoto of podcast guest Chris Jones

    Healthcare Revolution

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreChris has made his mark in North Dakota healthcare, health and human services policy and is now working to fix broken systems in national healthcare.

  • Photo of podcast guest Bethany WallPhoto of podcast guest Bethany Wall

    Friends of the Children Fargo-Moorhead

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreBethany and her team work with children who have experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences by the time they reach kindergarten. Unfortunately the need is great in the […]

  • Photo of podcast guest David BanksPhoto of podcast guest David Banks

    Leveling the Playing Field

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreLearn more about the PROVE IT Act and how the United States needs to take a stand when it comes to unfair trade practices.

  • Photo of podcast guests Charlie Gorecki and Tom OaklandPhoto of podcast guests Charlie Gorecki and Tom Oakland

    North Dakota Energy Projects, Part 3

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThe Energy Series continues with EERC CEO Charlie Gorecki and Tom Oakland, Energy & Economic Coordination Office Manager with the North Dakota Dept, of Commerce.

  • Photo of podcast guest Terry Sando in front of Goose River Brewing signPhoto of podcast guest Terry Sando in front of Goose River Brewing sign

    Always Serving

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreTerry served our country in the Air ForceĀ for many years and he is continuingĀ to serve others, just a little differently, at his new brewpub in Hillsboro, North […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Lisa Gulland-NelsonPhoto of podcast guest Lisa Gulland-Nelson

    You Have Permission

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreLisa is a busy wife, mom and professional who also finds time to write, do public speaking and help others as a soul coach.

  • Photo of podcast guest Laetitia Mizero HellerudPhoto of podcast guest Laetitia Mizero Hellerud

    Being at Home in the World

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreLaetitia has spent most of her life giving back – helping women and children, immigrants and other underrepresented populations. Her story is one you won’t want to […]