• Photo of podcast guests Casie and Igor TomazPhoto of podcast guests Casie and Igor Tomaz

    Accidental Entrepreneurs

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreFrom law enforcement to RV renovation, the Tomaz family has found the life they were meant to live in Texas. Hear their story, then check out their […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Matt ChausseePhoto of podcast guest Matt Chaussee

    Kids Seeing and Experiencing Their Future

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreTheir first “payment” was admission to a pumpkin patch and free pumpkins. Be More Colorful, a virtual reality agency, is working to help students learn about job […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Frank GasperPhoto of podcast guest Frank Gasper

    Marine. FBI. Investigator. 

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreFrank has served his country as a Marine and in the FBI. He now runs his own private investigation firm. As you can imagine, he has some […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Dan JacobsonPhoto of podcast guest Dan Jacobson

    Paying Attention and Being Ready

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreRacing motorcycles, running businesses, playing in a band. Whatever Dan decided to do in his life, he did it to the max. He consistently reinvented himself, saw […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Dr. Ron Werner-WilsonPhoto of podcast guest Dr. Ron Werner-Wilson

    Dean, College of Human Sciences and Education, NDSU

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDr. Werner-Wilson is adapting well to NDSU and the change in weather from Kentucky to North Dakota. He is leading the college through budgetary changes and making […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Anthony and Kristen QuillPhoto of podcast guest Anthony and Kristen Quill

    From Tent to Takeoff

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThe Quills love to travel with their kids and have decided to pass their expertise onto others. Whether you’re camping or flying overseas, they have some great […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Paul Steffes and Katie HarringtonPhoto of podcast guest Paul Steffes and Katie Harrington

    Reinventing is key to Steffes’ success

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreSteffes has grown from building church pews to manufacturing and so much more. Recently named one of the top 50 places to work for the eighth straight […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Dr. Eric ThompsonPhoto of podcast guest Dr. Eric Thompson

    The More You Move

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDr. Thompson gives us some great tips for starting 2023 on a healthy note. Listen to his six pillars you can adopt that will benefit you for […]

  • Photo of podcast guests Patrick Mineer and Wayde SickPhoto of podcast guests Patrick Mineer and Wayde Sick

    Golden Path Solutions & CTE

    Subscribe: RSS | MorePatrick and Wayde are making it easier for students and employers to connect through work-based learning experiences.

  • Photo of Mike and Deb SeminaryPhoto of Mike and Deb Seminary

    100th Episode

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreJust a quick conversation with my wife about how this podcast was created and how grateful I am for her, my guests and of course, you. Thanks […]