• Photo of podcast guest Dave Anderson

    Downtown Dave

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDave Anderson helped revitalize downtown Fargo into the vibrant, happening place it is today.

  • Photo of podcast guest Dr. William Wilson

    Agriculture and Dealing with Disruption

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDr. Wilson offers his insight and expertise on the amazing advances in agriculture, and how it’s adjusting with global tensions.

  • Photo of podcast guest Cam Knutson

    Knutson Development

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreCam puts a lot of thought into what people will want in their neighborhoods. Hear how even technology is making an impact on those decisions.

  • TGIF for Men

    TGIF for Men

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreOs offers daily devotions and also has a treasure trove of information for people wanting to become a mentor, or those just looking for a better faith […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Chris Ayoub

    The Religion Business

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreChris and his partner Nathan are working to develop solutions to major issues so they can leave a better world for their children. Watch for their docuseries […]

  • Photo of podcast guests Paul and Mikki Schlosser

    Faith Revealed ND

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThe Schlossers have answered God’s calling and are teaching farmers in other countries Regenerative Agriculture, or how to farm the way God intended. It is working. 

  • Photo of podcast guest Wendell Danielson

    Danielson Design

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreWendell has honed his craft as a functional wood artist over the years, and what was once a hobby is now a full time gig.

  • Photo of podcast guests Arnie Streble and Shawn Riley

    Helping Others Succeed

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreShawn and Arnie know it is not easy to run a business or a company, so they have put together a team of top notch experts to […]

  • Photo of podcat guests Shaun Sipma and Rich Wardner

    Petition to Eliminate Property Taxes

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreRich and Shaun take us through some of the detrimental consequences that will happen should a property tax elimination proposal move forward in North Dakota.

  • Photo of podcast guest John Glover

    NDSU Foundation

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThe NDSU Foundation’s mission is to build enduring relationships that maximize advocacy and philanthropy to support North Dakota State University. In John’s role as President/CEO of the […]