Friends’ Stuff

Episode 53 – Claus Lembke: You can buy his book at Fergusons in Bismarck and West Fargo or right here.

Episode 52 – Jane & Steven Conlin: email them at or visit the Learn to Learn website.

Episode 51 – Arnie & Sigrid Strebe: Buy Arnie’s book at your local bookstore or on his website here. Find out about classes at Transitions Yoga and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Episode 49 – David Hanson: See his photography here. Download his music on iTunes and Spotify.

Episode 47 – Bill Marcil Jr.: Learn more about Forum Communications.

Episode 46 – Josh Teigen and Tim Hanson: Their non-profit, Mind Shift, employs hundreds of people on the autism spectrum.

Episode 45 – Than Baardson: Learn more at Unseen’s website.

Episode 44 – Cliff Naylor: Check you local bookstores for ‘Dakota Day Trips’ or find it at Barnes and Noble.

Episode 43 – Jeff Kolpack: Find his Golf Show and the Kolpack and Izzo podcast at Buy his books at Zandbroz, Fergusons or Amazon.

Episode 41 – Andrea & David Peet: Andrea’s next two marathons are in New Mexico (#45) on 11.07.21 and Delaware (#46) on 11.14.21. Find out more at Andrea’s website here.

Episode 40 – The Pfeiffer Sisters: Order their book from the NDSU bookstore or on their website. Catch their show on YouTube!

Episode 39 – Mario Lamoureux: Find out more about Lamoureux Hockey Camps here and follow @LamoureuxHockey on Facebook and Instagram.

Episode 38 – Mike Thompson: Order Mike’s books here.

Episode 37 – John Stern: Read the story of John’s grandfather who rescued more than 100 German Jews from the impending Holocaust. Buy at your local book seller or find on Amazon.

Episode 36 – Rebecca Undem: She is all about Growing Small Towns and you can listen to her podcast on most platforms.

Episode 34 – Jonathan Holth: Learn more about him right here.

Episode 33 – Shane Balkowitsch: Follow Shane on Facebook and Instagram, or Google ‘Balkowitsch’ for information on his book, documentary and more.

Episode 32 – Larry Tye: Buy ‘Satchel’ and see more of Larry’s work on his website here. Larry asks that you order/buy his books from your local booksellers when possible.

Episode 31 – Michelle Kommer: Learn more about High Road Partners.

Episode 30 – Nicole Humber: Find out more about Bravo Restoration and Construction.

Episode 29 – Letitia Hanke: To learn more about Letitia and her mission, visit and her company’s website here

Episode 28 – Anne Mahlum: Follow her at annemahlum on Instagram or find out more on her website.

Episode 27 – Kara Glenn: Silver Fox Pipeline and Facility Services, visit their website, Facebook page or find them on LinkedIn.

Episode 26 – Dave Hatfield: Learn more about Living Stone Global.

Episode 25 – Rory Hoffman: Find Rory’s website here, follow him on Facebook or search for him on YouTube.

Episode 24 – Tony Hoffman: Find his website here or follow on Instagram at tonymhoffman, Facebook at Tony Hoffman Speaking.

Episode 23 – Prakash Mathew: Buy his book at NDSU Press, the NDSU Bookstore or at Zandbroz in downtown Fargo.

Episode 22 – Jay Schuler: Get your Giants Snacks here!

Episode 21 – Danielle Teigen: You can read more about Danielle and find out how to order her books on her website here.

Episode 20 – Ed Schafer: If you haven’t been to Medora, make plans today!

Find my theme music on iTunes or Spotify under David Hanson, ‘Serotonin Waters’ and ‘Moon Dot Soup’. 

Episode 2 – Judith Roberts: Want to learn more about Hope Manor, the first sober living home in North Dakota? Visit their website now. 

Episode 4 – Marlo Anderson: National Day Calendar

Episode 5 – Dr Thomas Goltz:Buy Thomas Goltz’s books by emailing him at or find them on Amazon. 

Episode 8 – Beth Warford:Get more situational awareness tips by watching videos and/or signing up for training at Pretty Loaded. 

Episode 9 – Ross Hjelseth: Get more information at his website here.   

Episode 10 –  Greg Nelson: Buy his book, ‘Runaway Horse’, on Amazon.

Episode 11 – Kari Warberg Block: Buy her book, ‘Gathering around the Table’, on Amazon. And, visit Earthkind to learn more about their products.

Episode 12 – Zach Vraa: Follow him on Instagram @atozcreamery or check out his website here.

Episode 13 – Erik Hatch: Buy his book, hire him for coaching and speaking, subscribe to his podcast and more at hatching

Episode 14 – Dean Bresciani: Learn more about North Dakota State University. 

Episode 15 – Tigirlily: Head to their website to learn more and follow them on social @tigirlily.

Episode 16 – Buddy Green: You can find more music, news and information on Buddy on his website here. 

Episode 17 – Mariah Prussia: Learn more about her self defense seminars, motivational speaking, personal training and more at

Episode 19 – Kathryn Burgum: Learn more about the First Lady’s initiative at Recovery Reinvented. 

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