Friends’ Stuff

Episode 167 – Cam Knutson: Cam and his team are working to make Bismarck a better place to live, work and play.

Episode 166 – Os Hillman: Find Daily Devotionals and more.

Episode 165 – Chris Ayoub: Chris and his partner Nathan have a docuseries coming out soon.

Episode 164 – Paul & Mikki Schlosser: Learn more about their ministry

Episode 163 – Wendell Danielson: See some of Wendell’s work on his website and follow him on Instagram to see more great photos.

Episode 162 – Arnie Strebe & Shawn Riley: BizBlox is making sure new business startups and well established businesses succeed.

Episode 160 – John Glover: The NDSU Foundation is building enduring relationships that maximize advocacy and philanthropy to support North Dakota State University.

Episode 159 – Derrick Lang: NDSU Team Makers is always looking for new members!

Episode 157 – Dr. Alan Kallmeyer: Want to learn more about the NDSU College of Engineering?

Episode 156 – Dr. Kathryn Birkeland: More information about the NDSU College of Business is right here.

Episode 155 – Colleen Morey: Here is the Light and Life Foundation website.

Episode 154 – Micah Tysver: Want to learn more about the aggregate business and the best equipment for the job? You can also call Micah at 218.593.7808.

Episode 153 – Stephen J. & Elizabeth Wampler: They are doing amazing things at Camp Wamp

Episode 152 – Megan Langley: Megan and her team are helping ND communities in a variety of way. Find out more about Strengthen ND.

Episode 151 – Chris Jones: Learn more about The Cicero Institute and their important work.

Episode 150 – Bethany Wall: Here is Friends of the Children – Fargo Moorhead website

Epsiode 149 – David Banks: Read more about David’s thoughts on reducing emissions, China’s supply chain dominance and more

Episode 147 – Terry Sando: Thirsty? Hungry? Head to Hillsboro and Goose River Brewing!

Episode 146 – Lisa Gulland-Nelson: Buy her book and learn more about her services on her website.

Episode 145 – Laetitia Mizero Hellerud: Buy her book on Amazon and learn more about the Fargo-Moorhead Jeremiah Program.

Episode 144 – Karel Sovak: Find out more about the University of Mary.

Episode 141 – Erica Thunder: See what Rough Rider Industries is doing and learn more about North Dakota Department of Corrections.

Episode 140 – Katie Ralston Howe: Get at job in North Dakota and find out more at ND Commerce.

Episode 138 – Tom Oakland and Rich German: Find out more and/or contact Tom and Rich on the ND Commerce website.

Episode 137 – Brian Jackson: Order coffee and more right here. Plus, listen to his podcast, “Another Day, Another Adventure and follow him on Instagram and Meta.

Episode 136 – Simone Wai and Joe Burgum: You can donate, volunteer and of course, learn more at and follow them on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Episode 135 – Anna Lurex: Check out her website and buy her book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Episode 134 – Jail Chaplains: Learn more and even donate to Jail Chaplains here, or call 701.364.0067. To find out more about Skill Cutz, call 701.235.3550 or visit their website.

Episode 133 – Nicolai Lund: Check out everything Ecuadane has to offer.

Episode 132 – Andrea and David Peet: Check out for all things Team Drea and to pre-order her book. It will be available in bookstores and on Amazon after September 5th.

Episode 131 – Rod Marchand: Get more information on his many ventures.

Episode 130 – Bruce Gjovig: Find his books at local bookstores like Ferguson’s and More, ND Heritage Center and

Episode 129 – Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald and President Russ McDonald: Since this podcast their semifinalist project has become a finalist!

Episode 128 – Wade Davison: Get his book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble OR listen to the audio version on Audible or Apple iTunes.

Episode 127 – Michael Ray: You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Check out Smile Project Louisville here, call Michael at 502.777.6479 or email him at

Episode 126 – Dillon Spurlin: Follow him on Instagram – @spurlinthemusic, DM or Email.

Episode 125 – Michael Carbone: Find out more about Drummers Journey and the Blue Wailers.

Episode 124 – David Bailly: You can buy his books on Amazon.

Episode 123 – Bob Heitkamp: Find out more about or donate to Marketplace for Kids on their website. Follow them on Facebook, Too!

Episode 122 – Nick Senne: You can see some of Reel Love’s work here, plus follow Senne Media and The Reel Love on Instagram and Facebook.

Episode 121 – Sara Otte Coleman: North Dakota is attracting talent and tourists. Find out more at Find The Good Life and North Dakota Tourism websites.

Episode 120 – Michelle Bredeson: Go to to learn more about the winery, brewery, wedding venue, pizza, wine stomp, music and more.

Episode 119 – Teri Bach: Find out how Teri may be able to help you on her website.

Episode 118 – Mauri Rene: Contact Mauri at / Buy her book and learn more on her website / Follow her on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Episode 117 – Steve Revland: See some of Steve’s artwork and buy the book on his website. You can also follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Episode 116 – Josh Teigen and Rich Garman: Find out more about the ND Dept. of Commerce.

Episode 114 – Jennifer Lyn & Richard Torrance: Follow Jennifer Lyn and the Groove Revival.

Episode 112 – Mark Bjornstad: Get all the suds on Drekker Brewing and Brewhalla.

Episode 110 – Peter Dankelson: Everything about Peter is right here.

Episode 109 – Casie and Igor Tomaz: Check out their RV renovations and follow them on Facebook, IG, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok

Episode 108 – Matt Chaussee: Explore the CareerView website or check out Be More Colorful here. You can also email Matt at

Episode 107 – Frank Gasper: Learn more about his investigative services here or email him at

Episode 106 – Dan Jacobson: Find out more about Derby for the Vets.

Episode 104 – Anthony and Kristen Quill: Get their traveling tips and tricks here, plus follow them on Facebook and Instagram @fromtenttotakeoff

Episode 103 – Paul Steffes & Katie Harrington: Learn more about Steffes here.

Episode 102 – Dr. Eric Thompson: To schedule an appointment, call Sanford Southpointe at 701.234.2000.

Episode 101 – Patrick Mineer & Wayde Sick: Learn more about Golden Path Solutions and if you are an employer, check out Compass, their workforce development platform. Or, contact Patrick directly at Learn more about the Department of Career and Technical Education, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Contact Wayde directly at

Episode 99 – Cole Jirik: You can contact Cole for your real estate needs at 612.703.3411. Learn more about Dynasty Performance Training here, or call 701.532.0836.

Episode 96 – Jessica Rambo: You can donate, follow, learn more about Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio right here.

Episode 95 – Brian Carroll: See the exciting happenings at Grand Farm or contact Brian at

Episode 94 – Jake Joraanstad: His company, Bushel, is doing great things for the ag industry. Follow him on Twitter @jakefromfargo.

Episode 93 – Tom Campbell & Wayne Rempel: Learn more about their farm operations at Kroeker Farms and Campbell Farms.

Episode 92 – Akbar Shamji: Follow the progress of Bitzero here.

Episode 90 – Ron Ness: Learn more about the North Dakota Petroleum Council.

Episode 88 – Dr. Brian Kalk: Learn more about the EERC.

Episode 86 – Anita Posch: Follow Anita on Twitter @anitaposch or check out the Bitcoin for Fairness website. You can also support Anita on Patreon.

Episode 85 – Amber Buker & Richard Chance: Head to My Totem for updates and news or follow on Twitter @bankwithtotem.

Episode 84 – John Dahl: Get some golf tips and tricks from John on YouTube

Episode 82 – Manny Ohonme: Samaritan’s Feet is doing great things! Find out more and/or donate.

Episode 81 – Richard Mansell & Daniel Telehey: Learn more about this incredible technology.

Episode 80 – Dr. Corinne Devin: Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn. You can buy her book, ‘Commander to Crown’, here.

Episode 79 – Shane Bloom: Find out more about Blessed Builders Ministry

Episode 78 – Gary Szenderski: You can email Gary at or check out the Szen Marketing website.

Episode 77 – Daniel Bielinski: Email Daniel at or check out Canticle Productions here.

Episode 76 – Pastor Jose Hernandez & Dave Hatfield: Learn more about Hope Central Watts and Living Stone Global. You can connect with Pastor Jose at and Dave at Plus, you can now buy Dave’s book, ‘I am not a Grasshopper.’

Episode 74 – Tyler Auck: Buy a signed copy of ‘Broken Gifts’ directly from Tyler by calling him at 701.989.9974. It is also available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Episode 73 – J’Neil Gibson: Learn more about Youthworks and the ‘Beyond the Game‘ program.

Episode 72 – Heather Hakes: You can find out more on her website.

Episode 71 – Stephanie Miller: Learn more, read the menus and/or make reservations at the Butterhorn and Shelter Belt.

Episode 70 – Maddie Stoppelbein: Check out her yummy baked goods!

Episode 69 – Melanie Carvell: Connect with Melanie on her website plus, learn more about Love Sweat and Gears and Race Across America.

Episode 68 – Josh Reimnitz: Learn how Breakthrough Twin Cities helps prepare under-resourced students for college success.

Episode 67 – Ben Hylden: Buy his book and learn more about Ben on his website.

Episode 64 – Kristin Hedger: Learn more about Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing.

Episode 63 – Jodie Mjoen: Learn more about Impact Dakota

Episode 61 – Jess Flynn: Learn more about The Youth Empowerment Project here. Plus, follow them on Instagram (@theyoupowerproject) and Facebook (@youpowerproject).

Episode 60 – Rick Lowe: View Rick’s art and learn more on his website.

Episode 59 – Maartje Murphy: Find out more at and follow Cows & Co Creamery on Facebook and Instagram

Episode 58 – Karli Moch: Help end the self-esteem crisis in adolescent girls. See how at BIO Girls website.

Episode 57 – Joy Dice: Learn more at the Concussion Legacy Foundation and Joy’s book is coming soon.

Episode 56 – Theresa Carpenter: Find out more about her here.

Episode 55 – Matt Valan: Order Sister Secrets here.

Episode 54 – Rebecca and Mark Binstock: Buy the cotton candy at Bismarck Food Co-op and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @simplesugarn, Their website,, should be operational soon.

Episode 53 – Claus Lembke: You can buy his book at Fergusons in Bismarck and West Fargo or right here.

Episode 52 – Jane & Steven Conlin: email them at or visit the Learn to Learn website.

Episode 51 – Arnie & Sigrid Strebe: Buy Arnie’s book at your local bookstore or on his website here. Find out about classes at Transitions Yoga and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Episode 49 – David Hanson: See his photography here. Download his music on iTunes and Spotify.

Episode 47 – Bill Marcil Jr.: Learn more about Forum Communications.

Episode 46 – Josh Teigen and Tim Hanson: Their non-profit, Mind Shift, employs hundreds of people on the autism spectrum.

Episode 45 – Than Baardson: Learn more at Unseen’s website.

Episode 44 – Cliff Naylor: Check you local bookstores for ‘Dakota Day Trips’ or find it at Barnes and Noble.

Episode 43 – Jeff Kolpack: Find his Golf Show and the Kolpack and Izzo podcast at Buy his books at Zandbroz, Fergusons or Amazon.

Episode 41 – Andrea & David Peet: Andrea’s next two marathons are in New Mexico (#45) on 11.07.21 and Delaware (#46) on 11.14.21. Find out more at Andrea’s website here.

Episode 40 – The Pfeiffer Sisters: Order their book from the NDSU bookstore or on their website. Catch their show on YouTube!

Episode 39 – Mario Lamoureux: Find out more about Lamoureux Hockey Camps here and follow @LamoureuxHockey on Facebook and Instagram.

Episode 38 – Mike Thompson: Order Mike’s books here.

Episode 37 – John Stern: Read the story of John’s grandfather who rescued more than 100 German Jews from the impending Holocaust. Buy at your local book seller or find on Amazon.

Episode 36 – Rebecca Undem: She is all about Growing Small Towns and you can listen to her podcast on most platforms.

Episode 34 – Jonathan Holth: Learn more about him right here.

Episode 33 – Shane Balkowitsch: Follow Shane on Facebook and Instagram, or Google ‘Balkowitsch’ for information on his book, documentary and more.

Episode 32 – Larry Tye: Buy ‘Satchel’ and see more of Larry’s work on his website here. Larry asks that you order/buy his books from your local booksellers when possible.

Episode 31 – Michelle Kommer: Learn more about High Road Partners.

Episode 30 – Nicole Humber: Find out more about Bravo Restoration and Construction.

Episode 29 – Letitia Hanke: To learn more about Letitia and her mission, visit and her company’s website here

Episode 28 – Anne Mahlum: Follow her at annemahlum on Instagram or find out more on her website.

Episode 27 – Kara Glenn: Silver Fox Pipeline and Facility Services, visit their website, Facebook page or find them on LinkedIn.

Episode 26 – Dave Hatfield: Learn more about Living Stone Global.

Episode 25 – Rory Hoffman: Find Rory’s website here, follow him on Facebook or search for him on YouTube.

Episode 24 – Tony Hoffman: Find his website here or follow on Instagram at tonymhoffman, Facebook at Tony Hoffman Speaking.

Episode 23 – Prakash Mathew: Buy his book at NDSU Press, the NDSU Bookstore or at Zandbroz in downtown Fargo.

Episode 22 – Jay Schuler: Get your Giants Snacks here!

Episode 21 – Danielle Teigen: You can read more about Danielle and find out how to order her books on her website here.

Episode 20 – Ed Schafer: If you haven’t been to Medora, make plans today!

Find my theme music on iTunes or Spotify under David Hanson, ‘Serotonin Waters’ and ‘Moon Dot Soup’. 

Episode 2 – Judith Roberts: Want to learn more about Hope Manor, the first sober living home in North Dakota? Visit their website now. 

Episode 4 – Marlo Anderson: National Day Calendar

Episode 5 – Dr Thomas Goltz:Buy Thomas Goltz’s books by emailing him at or find them on Amazon. 

Episode 8 – Beth Warford:Get more situational awareness tips by watching videos and/or signing up for training at Pretty Loaded. 

Episode 9 – Ross Hjelseth: Get more information at his website here.   

Episode 10 –  Greg Nelson: Buy his book, ‘Runaway Horse’, on Amazon.

Episode 11 – Kari Warberg Block: Buy her book, ‘Gathering around the Table’, on Amazon. And, visit Earthkind to learn more about their products.

Episode 12 – Zach Vraa: Follow him on Instagram @atozcreamery or check out his website here.

Episode 13 – Erik Hatch: Buy his book, hire him for coaching and speaking, subscribe to his podcast and more at hatching

Episode 14 – Dean Bresciani: Learn more about North Dakota State University. 

Episode 15 – Tigirlily: Head to their website to learn more and follow them on social @tigirlily.

Episode 16 – Buddy Green: You can find more music, news and information on Buddy on his website here. 

Episode 17 – Mariah Prussia: Learn more about her self defense seminars, motivational speaking, personal training and more at

Episode 19 – Kathryn Burgum: Learn more about the First Lady’s initiative at Recovery Reinvented.