• Photo of podcast guest Michael CarbonePhoto of podcast guest Michael Carbone

    Drummer’s Journey

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMichael got hooked on playing in bands at the age of 12. He put music aside to lay bricks and make a difference for North Dakota’s homeless […]

  • Photo of podcast guest David BaillyPhoto of podcast guest David Bailly

    America Going…

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDavid has written a couple books and has a couple in the works. He has some very strong opinions on where America is going and what we […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Bob HeitkampPhoto of podcast guest Bob Heitkamp

    Marketplace for Kids

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreBob is the Executive Director of Marketplace for Kids, an amazing project based learning opportunity in North Dakota. Marketplace for Kids encourages students to stretch their thinking […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Nick Senne with familyPhoto of podcast guest Nick Senne with family

    Wedding Videos to Mission Work

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreNick and Annie Senne are lucky enough to have turned their passions into successful businesses. If you’re getting married or selling a house, give them a shout!

  • Photo of podcast guest Sara Otte ColemanPhoto of podcast guest Sara Otte Coleman

    North Dakota Tourism

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreSara and her team are responsible for getting people to visit North Dakota, enjoy everything the state has to offer, then maybe even choose to live and […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Michelle BredesonPhoto of podcast guest Michelle Bredeson

    Carlos Creek Vineyards

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMichelle, her husband and in-laws have a vineyard in Alexandria, Minnesota. Over the past few years, they have added a brewery, wedding venue, food, music and super […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Teri BachPhoto of podcast guest Teri Bach

    Your Transformational Coach

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreIf you are a woman over 50 that feels like you are “stuck” or if you are struggling with money issues, Teri Bach can help. She spent […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Mauri RenePhoto of podcast guest Mauri Rene

    Making God Number One

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMauri went from healthy, wealthy and married to divorced, broke and almost dead. Hear how she learned to make God a priority and helps others have a […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Steve RevlandPhoto of podcast guest Steve Revland

    Simply Revland

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreSteve Revland graduated high school because they didn’t want him back. Now he is a renowned artist and an author who has sold over 15,000 books. Listen […]

  • Photo of podcast guests Josh Teigen and Rich GarmanPhoto of podcast guests Josh Teigen and Rich Garman

    North Dakota Department of Commerce

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreAccording to their website, the ND Dept. of Commerce works to improve the quality of life for North Dakota citizens by leading efforts to attract, retain and […]