• Worth the Time and Sacrifices

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreI was so excited to catch up with Tigirlily after their recent #1 hit, ‘Somebody Does’ rocked the music world and got them their first recording contract. […]

  • Education: A Pathway to a Better You

    Subscribe: RSS | More I’m honored to be joined by my friend, Dr. Dean Bresciani, President of North Dakota State University (NDSU). He talks about the importance of collaboration and communication […]

  • Play for the Person Next to You

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreĀ It doesn’t get more real than this as Erik Hatch joins Mike and talks about his journey from youth pastor to real estate agent, business owner, author […]

  • World’s Best Ice Cream

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDishing up ice cream flavors like ‘Donut Eat My Ice Cream’, ‘Creme de Grinch’ and ‘Cookies Are My Butter Half’ on a weekly basis is Zach Vraa’s […]

  • Gathering Around the Table

    Subscribe: RSS | More Listen in as Kari Warberg Block, founder and CEO of Earthkind, chats with Mike on company culture, being kind to the earth (before it was cool), as well as […]

  • Hanging On With All My Might

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreIn this episode, Mike talks with Gospel Music Hall of Famer, Grammy and Dove Award-winning, Christian music producer and composer – Greg Nelson. Growing up in Bismarck, […]

  • Winning Words to Influence Others

    Words can be so powerful and we must choose them wisely.

  • You are the First, First Responder

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreJoin Mike and his friend, Beth Warford, as they talk about her passion to educate as many people as possible on the importance of personal safety and […]

  • Dad, don’t get nervous.

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThis week I talk with my oldest daughter, Lynsey, about her adventurous spirit. It is this spirit that has inspired her to try new foods, take up […]

  • It’s a Man’s Job? Hold my Craft Beer.

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThis week Mike visits with his friend Molly Swanston, Owner and Chief Sales Officer for Swanston Equipment in Fargo, ND. You’ll learn how she realized a music […]