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  • Photo of podcast guest Cole JirikPhoto of podcast guest Cole Jirik

    Training, Selling and Broadcasting

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreFargo has benefited from the entrepreneurial spirit of Cole Jirik and Bison Nation is lucky to have him on the sidelines providing updates during games. I had […]

  • Photo of podcast guest James FordPhoto of podcast guest James Ford

    Lifelong Friend and Renaissance Man

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMy friend James and I reminisce about our musical ‘abilities’ and you’ll hear about some of the cool things he’s done since leaving Fargo.  

  • Photo of Than BaardsonPhoto of Than Baardson

    From Fighting Fires to Addressing Human Trafficking

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThan Baardson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Unseen, a nonprofit that accelerates the fight against human trafficking and its root causes. It’s not a pretty topic, […]

  • Journalist since 1964

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreI had a great conversation with sports journalist and author Jeff Kolpack. He has written two books, just wrapped up a new one, ‘COVID Kids’, documenting the […]

  • In Service to Country and All

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreI get to chat with a childhood friend about his police and military service as well as the times God was really watching over him. 

  • Business owner, philanthropist and all-in community builder

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreJohn Stern learned how to sell clothing and the importance of investing in your community from his grandfather and father. Helping others became a family tradition.

  • Driven to Serve Others

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreI wrap up my focus on female business owners with Former North Dakota Department of Commerce Commissioner, Michelle Kommer. She joins me this week to talk about […]

  • Hidden History of Fargo and The Fargo Fire of 1893

    Subscribe: RSS | More Even if you are not from Fargo, ND, you will enjoy the entertaining conversation I had with Danielle Tiegen, author of ‘The Hidden History of Fargo’ and […]

  • Passionate about North Dakota

    Subscribe: RSS | More It was such a pleasure to catch up with Ed Schafer and hear what he is focusing on these days. He also reminisces a bit about his […]

  • Define the Fight

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDescription: In this episode, you will learn how Mariah Prussia took control and learned to fight for the life she deserved and desired. Her self defense seminars, […]