War Correspondent or Spy?

Dr. Thomas Goltz

Join Mike and his friend, Dr. Thomas Goltz as they explore Goltz’s life adventures. From New York to Yemen, performing Shakespeare throughout Africa, and writing on conflict in Chechnya and Azerbaijan, Goltz always found a way to survive. 

Episode 5 | February 24, 2021

10 Replies to “War Correspondent or Spy?”

  1. Jim Crary



    I grew up with the Goltz’s but I have not seen Tom since the early 70’s. I have seen and talked with Neill periodically and knew Tom had spent lots of time in Turkey and Azerbaijan but I did not know any other details of his most fascinating life. Any way I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and am going to read Tom’s books. Thanks for a great interview. Take care. Jim

    • mseminary

      Jim, great hearing from you! You should know, your niece is doing very well with her business in Bismarck. Thank you for listening, and yes – Thomas is quite remarkable. Have fun reading, take good care ~ Mike

  2. James Ford

    Favorite podcast so far. But two of my best highschool chums. TC Goltz and I have an interesting dichotomy (at least as world politics goes), I am an honorary Armenian via my pals here in LA. Thomas is referred to by many as Thomas the Turk. So when Tom’s in LA and we have the opportunity to get together, sometimes we gather together our friends for an Armenian feast. One time hosted by Jane Gibb. Remember Jane.

    Anyway…Love your podcasts Mike. Thomas is, as he always has been, honest to the core.

    • mseminary

      James… thank you for listening. Thomas is a fascinating interview and has lived an extraordinary life. If I could have been at the Armenian feast… my oh my! Take good care. Hope all is going well. Sem

  3. Gayle Pope

    I just listened to the podcast. It was great. Yes, Tommy definitely needs to come back! I have the Turkiye Diary and am about to start it.

  4. Mary Helms

    Thanks for this episode. Having grown up with Tom in Fargo, I had no idea that Tom had done all these things. What an interesting life he is leading.

    • mseminary

      Mary…Thomas is an absolutely fascinating person. He could easily be a fairly regular guest. So many stories to share. Thank you for listening. Have a terrific day. Sem

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