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  • Photo of podcast guest Dr. William Wilson

    Agriculture and Dealing with Disruption

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDr. Wilson offers his insight and expertise on the amazing advances in agriculture, and how it’s adjusting with global tensions.

  • Photo of podcast guests Arnie Streble and Shawn Riley

    Helping Others Succeed

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreShawn and Arnie know it is not easy to run a business or a company, so they have put together a team of top notch experts to […]

  • Photo of podcast guest Bob Heitkamp

    Marketplace for Kids

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreBob is the Executive Director of Marketplace for Kids, an amazing project based learning opportunity in North Dakota. Marketplace for Kids encourages students to stretch their thinking […]

  • Photo of podcast guests Tom Campbell and Wayne Rempel

    So God Made a Farmer

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreIf you’re like me, you do most of your hunting, fishing and farming at the grocery store. It was a pleasure to learn more about farming and […]

  • Photo of podcast guests Richard Mansell and Daniel Telehey

    IVO Limited

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThis week’s conversation might seem a bit spacey – we talk about technology that is, quite frankly, hard to believe. Plus, it can be used in space […]

  • Impact Dakota

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreAs the CEO/President of Impact Dakota, Jodie and his team help organizations become ‘lean’, innovative, and sustainable, saving them money and solving problems along the way.

  • Emerging Technologies and National Cabbage Day

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreJoin Mike Seminary and his friend, Marlo Anderson, as they discuss Emerging Technologies and how Marlo founded National Day Calendar. Hear how you may soon fly to […]