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  • Photo of podcast guess Senator John HoevenPhoto of podcast guess Senator John Hoeven

    United States Senator John Hoeven

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreI was honored to be joined by U.S. Senator John Hoeven to talk about the exciting things happening in the energy and agriculture sectors across North Dakota. […]

  • Photo of podcast guest, North Dakota Lt. Governor Brent SanfordPhoto of podcast guest, North Dakota Lt. Governor Brent Sanford

    North Dakota Lt. Governor Brent Sanford

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreOur Lieutenant Governor talks about how North Dakota is approaching the constant changes in the energy industry and continuing to make sure our state is a national […]

  • Impact Dakota

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreAs the CEO/President of Impact Dakota, Jodie and his team help organizations become ‘lean’, innovative, and sustainable, saving them money and solving problems along the way.

  • Photo of Gerald W. VandeWallePhoto of Gerald W. VandeWalle

    Chief Justice, North Dakota Supreme Court

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreMy friend Gerald VandeWalle has been in the North Dakota Supreme Court for over 40 years and he served as the Chief Justice for 26 of those. 

  • While the Windmill Watched

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreJackie and Janine share a few fun stories from the 1950s in rural North Dakota. They even have a You Tube channel  – the 1950s Fun Chat! Learn […]

  • Passionate about North Dakota

    Subscribe: RSS | More It was such a pleasure to catch up with Ed Schafer and hear what he is focusing on these days. He also reminisces a bit about his […]

  • Education: A Pathway to a Better You

    Subscribe: RSS | More I’m honored to be joined by my friend, Dr. Dean Bresciani, President of North Dakota State University (NDSU). He talks about the importance of collaboration and communication […]

  • Winning Words to Influence Others

    Words can be so powerful and we must choose them wisely.