• If you could see what I hear

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreGrowing up in North and South Dakota simultaneously (yes, it’s possible), Rory Hoffman became a member of his family’s band at age 5. He has learned to […]

  • Changing Lives

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreYou won’t hear all of Tony Hoffman’s story in this episode, but you will hear enough to want more. His journey from BMXer to addict to prison […]

  • We are called to do the right thing

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreYou’ll have to read his book to get all of the details, but in this episode you’ll hear a little about how my friend, Prakash Mathew, ended […]

  • Giants Seeds and The Marathon Man

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreYou will know more about sunflower seeds than the average person after you listen to this conversation with my friend, Jay Schuler. He has run a marathon […]

  • Hidden History of Fargo and The Fargo Fire of 1893

    Subscribe: RSS | More¬†Even if you are not from Fargo, ND, you will enjoy the entertaining conversation I had with Danielle Tiegen, author of ‘The Hidden History of Fargo’ and […]

  • Passionate about North Dakota

    Subscribe: RSS | More It was such a pleasure to catch up with Ed Schafer and hear what he is focusing on these days. He also reminisces a bit about his […]

  • Recovery Reinvented

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreI am honored to be joined by the First Lady of North Dakota, Kathryn Burgum. As First Lady, she is working to eliminate the shame and stigma […]

  • Wife, Mother and Deployed Twice

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreThis week you will meet Shaundra Ziemann – Bolinske, a busy mom who has served her country in the US Army Reserves, deploying twice. Her ‘day job’ […]

  • Define the Fight

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreDescription: In this episode, you will learn how Mariah Prussia took control and learned to fight for the life she deserved and desired. Her self defense seminars, […]

  • Looking Back, Buddy Greene’s Incredible Journey

    Subscribe: RSS | MoreIt’s another musical episode, as I have the pleasure of visiting with¬†Buddy Greene, the world’s greatest harmonica player. (In my opinion). Hear how he got his ‘big […]